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The interactive tutorial requires no pencils and paper! No multiple choice or fill in the blank, MATH-TEACHER understands every step of a students solution! Students type symbolic expressions in a free-style format, MATH-TEACHER analyzes each line and indicates whether it is correct or not. This analysis detects common mistakes and provides focused help. The process repeats until the answer is reached. MATH-TEACHER perceives the proficiency of the student and generates problems accordingly.

Several levels of help are provided, including: a tutorial on each concept; sample problems detailing their solution; general guidance on how to begin or continue a problem; and hints to solve a specific problem.

Each module covers 1-1 1/2 years of mathematical concepts. The Customization Utility allows the instructor to fine tune and control the tutorial and on-screen tests. The timed On-screen Tests display all problems so the student can choose the one to answer next (duration, difficulty and scope can be customized).

The Problems Generator for Printed Tests prints problems with and without answers, as homework or as hardcopy tests. The step by step answers are complete with explanations, charts, figures, graphs, and tables.

The Calculator provided in MATH-TEACHER is designed to work with algebraic expressions. Rational expressions yield both rational and the approximate real result. Student scores are collected automatically to simplify record keeping.

These unique features make MATH-TEACHER the private tutor of each student!